Transform Your Event with Expert Lighting Services

At Keystone Production Network, we understand how the right lighting can transform an ordinary event into a spectacular experience. From corporate gatherings and theatrical productions to concerts and TV/Film, our team brings creativity, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology to every project. Based in Cobb County and serving the greater Metro Atlanta area, we are equipped to provide exceptional lighting services that set the stage for unforgettable events.

Our Capabilities

Comprehensive Lighting Solutions

  • Lighting Design: At the heart of our services is our ability to design breathtaking lighting for a variety of events. Whether using in-house gear or supplementing with our cutting-edge technology, we create lighting that elevates every production.
  • Stage and Event Lighting: We excel in lighting for theatre, concerts, and corporate events, with a deep understanding of both modern and traditional stage lighting technologies.

Specialized Lighting Expertise

  • Advanced Technology Expertise: We specialize in using industry-leading High End Systems Hog and ETC EOS lighting consoles, ensuring precise control and spectacular results for every show.
  • Theatrical Lighting: Our expertise in theatre lighting encompasses everything from spotlight operation to show design and console programming.

Strategic Lighting Consulting

  • Venue Lighting Solutions: We consult with venues to design, upgrade, repair, and integrate both existing and new lighting systems. Our services are tailored to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of each space.
  • Energy Efficiency Consulting: As specialized energy consultants for stage lighting systems, we help venues achieve significant energy and cost savings while maintaining high-performance lighting standards.