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How to Fix Playback Lag in Adobe Premiere Pro

Unless you work on an ultra-powerful computer built specifically for video editing, chances are you struggle with playback lag. There are several factors that can create lag when playing back your footage during the editing process, such as video resolution, intensity of effects and color correction, and the capabilities of your computer hardware. In this post, we cover three of the easiest ways to address this issue.

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How to Synchronize Audio in Adobe Premiere

There are several reasons why synchronizing two or more pieces of audio can be useful. Typically, your audio source will be different from your video source. This is why most big-budget Hollywood films utilize a slate, creating an audio and visual cue that allows the editor to easily sync an audio track to a video clip. But what if you aren’t using a slate, or simply don’t want to go through the process of syncing every single clip manually? Well Adobe Premiere has a solution for you…

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